Saturday, August 22, 2009



Dear Friends!


I have been a civil commissioned officer and had to serve in various law enforcement agencies. I could not survive in those powerful departments; due to some of my principles, one of them was a clearheadedness on anti corruption. My (late) father has always told me not to induklge in anytype of wrongdoings. He was against the corruption; he trained me like an ideal person who can not be motivated to do corruption in any situation. I had to initiate working on DISCOVER-NGO by the end of 2009 ie on International Anti Corruption Day in the month of December, but due to various reasons I started DISCOVER-NGO without proper planing and deskwork. You might have observed many flaws in my way of working, in othwer words formal way of operation. I agree that I am working informally, but it is enough to support me that I'm committed to strive against Corruption. 

Dear Friends! I have not submitted any concept paper of DISCOVER-NGO for the grant of seed money, I hove not requested any donor for funding. As I wish to give a role model, then I would request for fundings to substational donors.

I dueirng the course of my official duties got many a chance in the formal corrup environment of our country when people directly and indirectly offered me handsome amount as bribe and commissiotn to get their ssignments done by my friends or by influencing various other officials. It was my commitment which had always stopped me doing so. So I never slipped even on the lucratve offers through my blood realtives, most of them are now disconnected with me on my rfusal to their offers/demands.  Now, when I have established DISCOVER-NGO I need funds or any other support from you. It is very difficult for me to request anyone to donate, but I have to do so. I have to each and every person reading my words that I need money to run the affairs of DISCOVER-NGO.

So please help me, help DISCOVER-NGO, help anti corruption volunteers network by any mean you can.

Let me assure you of commitment and devotion in our strive against Corruption and lawlessness in the beloved country.

With warm regards,




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